Noah Centineo is The Heartthrob You Can Now Hire in The Perfect Date

Netflix brings us yet another rom-com, The Perfect Date, and the trailer does not disappoint.

Netflix brings us yet another rom-com, The Perfect Date, and the trailer does not disappoint. It stars Noah Centineo, who’s literally Netflix’s official resident heartthrob. He’s given us To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, so obviously, this movie has a lot to live up to. But we believe in Noah Centineo and his ability to make us swoon. Netflix dropped the trailer last week, and here’s more about it.

What Does the Trailer Reveal?

In the trailer, we can see that a student pays Noah’s character to take his cousin to the high school dance. He ends up liking the idea of getting paid for taking people out on dates. Which is why he ends up creating an app that helps girls “rent” him for a date night. But not everything’s easy peasy. We see things getting complicated later on in the trailer, *cough* love triangle *cough*.

What Can We Expect from The Movie?

Noah Centineo plays the character of Brooks Rattigan in The Perfect Date. He acts as a fale boyfriend for girls who need it, and gets paid for it in return. In the movie, Brooks comes from a family with low income. He is a smart student and dreams of attending an Ivy League school, but can’t afford it. Cue the creation of the app. He does it to save up for his dream college. But that’s not all. If only romantic comedies were that simple.

Enter Laura Marano and Camila Mendes. They play the characters of Celia Lieberman and Shelby Pace. Shelby Pace, now, is an interesting character. Apparently, she is a private school student who is tired of her well-to-do suitors. Now, now, now, sounds eerily similar to Veronica, doesn’t it? While Brooks apparently has eyes for Shelby, Celia is seemingly falling hard for Brooks, himself. And that’s where we see hints of a love triangle in The Perfect Date. However, according to the trailer, Celia plays a major role in Brooks to accept himself.

Odiseas Georgiadis plays the role of a tech-savvy best friend who helps Brooks create the app. Needless to say, he also has an important part to play. Now, who ends up with whom in The Perfect Date is still a mystery. we’ll have to see the movie to find out, obviously.

This is definitely not the first time we’ll see Noah Centineo play a fake boyfriend. He’s done it before in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Moving back to The Perfect Date, it is directed by Chris Nelson. It is supposed to release on Netflix on April 12th. So, the wait is not that long!


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