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The Screen Zone is your one-stop destination for curated reviews of films, TV shows, games and everything in between!

Founded by Rahul Majumdar, The Screen Zone hosts all of his (and his friends’) wildly varying opinions on the myriad of movies and games that release every so often.

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The Screen Zone is an irregularly-timed podcast for movies, TV shows, video games, and all things geek!

I’m a film student who wants to talk about movies. Currently specializing in film editing.
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Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Having written about the tech and gaming industry for a few years online, I wanted to have an independent platform to express all of my opinions on films & videogames, old and new alike, that grace the big (and small) screens in our lives.
So, my boss asked me to write a bio. I know that you won’t read this.

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