From Yondu to Thanos' Snap- The MCU's Most Heart-Rending Moments

With only three weeks to Avengers: Endgame, fans have come up with a number of heartbreaking as well as hilarious (I am looking at you, Ant-Man) theories.

With only three weeks to Avengers: Endgame, fans have come up with a number of heartbreaking as well as hilarious (I am looking at you, Ant-Man) theories. The universe since its inception in 2008 has never failed to impress us. All the characters have had their fair shares of ups and downs. The MCU movies has grossed over 18 billion $ worldwide. Here is a look at some of the most emotional moments in the films. The list is in no particular order.

Quicksilver’s Sacrifice

Quicksilver’s death in Age of Ultron was unexpected. Many viewers expected Hawkeye to die considering he is a family man. As Hawkeye faces Ultron’s fury when he tries to save a child, Quicksilver intervenes and sacrifices his own life. His final words are “You didn’t see that coming?”. The audience then sees a devasted Wanda who mourns his death. A few minutes later she pulls Ultron’s “heart” and kills him. In the MCU, Wanda has lost her brother, her love and ultimately her life.

Tony’s Rage

As Civil War reaches its climax, we witness the best action sequence in MCU history. However, just before it, we get to know that it was Bucky Barnes who killed Tony Stark’s parents. This realization fuels Tony’s rage and he begins attacking both of them. Captain America tries to protect Bucky by stating that it was HYDRA who controlled Bucky’s mind. Tony also tries to shoot a missile at Bucky’s face. As the movie ended, fans were divided over whether Tony attacking the duo was acceptable or not. Some also felt that Zemo’s quest for revenge was justified. Nevertheless, the truth is difficult to digest and hard to watch.

Yondu Dies

Over the course of his appearance in the MCU, Peter Quill has witnessed his mother’s death, his father’s death, and his “daddy’s” death. As the duo escape Ego’s planet, Yondu sacrifices himself to save Quill. Yondu stole Quill all those years ago to protect him from Ego. The film started on a casual and humorous note but had a heartbreaking ending.

Phil Coulson’s Death

Phil Coulson was first introduced to us in Iron Man back in 2008. The S.H.I.E.L.D operative made recurring appearances in three MCU movies before finally dying in The Avengers. Loki sneaks up behind him and stabs him. A point to be noted is how the MCU used comedy to suppress the scene. Coulson manages to blow Loki with his gun and makes a hilarious remark. His death motivates the superheroes to team up and defeat Loki.

Bucky’s Train Fall

For people back in 2011, Bucky’s death was a direct kick in the gut. He was Steve Rogers best friend right from childhood. Bucky protected Steve from a bully and was like a brother to him. Steve can only watch in horror as his friend falls to his death in the icy river. It is revealed later that Bucky was alive all this time under HYDRA’s custody.

Vision’s Two Deaths

The audience experiences Visions’ death two times during the climax of Infinity War. The first one is when he asks Wanda to kill him so that Thanos doesn’t get the Mind Stone. This scene is heartbreaking to watch as Wanda loves him. However, Thanos plays it smart and uses the time stone to undo his death. He then pulls the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead instantly killing him. Also, Thanos reveals his heartless nature by throwing away the lifeless body.

The Snap That Changed The MCU

This one is no surprise to every MCU fan. Thor’s final try to defeat Thanos failed and the next moments made us all stare at the screen with horror. I am just glad that Groot wasn’t a baby when he turned to dust.

Honorable Mentions: Tony and the nuke (The Avengers), Rhodes falls down (C_aptain America: Civil War), Gamora’s death (A_vengers: Infinity War) & Killmonger’s death (Black Panther).


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