Roar of the Lion Hotstar Exclusive- Dhoni Answers Every Question of a True CSK Fan

MS Dhoni breaks silence about the darkest time in his career, the IPL spot-fixing scandal, and answers every question through the docudrama.

MS Dhoni breaks silence about the darkest time in his career, the IPL spot-fixing scandal, and answers every question through the docudrama.

Roar of the Lion is the new docudrama series is out on Hotstar. It is basically a documentary featuring current and former Chennai Super Kings (CSK) players like MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Shane Watson, Dwane Bravo and many more. The series consists of five episodes which are mainly focused on the match-fixing scandal in Indian Premier League (IPL), the two-year ban on CSK and their epic comeback to be the title winners last year.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

The series starts with MS Dhoni breaking silence on the match fixing and betting scandal which was said to be the biggest in the history of Indian cricket. He had to be quiet then as he was also the captain of the Indian team and also due to the BCCI norms and rules. MS describes that phase as the darkest or most depressed phase of his career. CSK was the most loved and favored team in IPL but was caught in a scandal along with the Rajasthan Royals. Therefore, both the teams had to face a two years ban. MS says that the punishment was expected but he never thought it to be this harsh as CSK players were never found guilty. The series also features a scene where MS gets a bit emotional and shreds tears while addressing in a show while speaking about the two year wait.

The series highlights the fan following of CSK during the ban years and the players are also shown to thank the fans for supporting and standing behind their team during the tough times. It shows that the fan following was expected to decrease due to the ban but it only went up. Also, as the series goes ahead, many former crickets and the people associated with CSK team speak about the fixing scandal and support CSK. Gurunath, who was the son-in-law of N. Shrinivasan was found guilty along with Vindu Dara Singh, and Shrinivasan being the owner of India Cements which was the owner group of CSK. Shrinivasan was also the chairperson of BCCI and he had to step down from that position.

Roar of the Lion | Dhoni

Now the question arises that isn’t five episodes on such topic a lot? But again the great fan following of CSK makes it all even. As the series progresses, many players speak their hearts out on the topic. Also, the CSK team was called as the ‘Daddies Army’ as many of the players had kids and also the average age of their team was around 34-35 years. Therefore, they were not said to be the favorites to win the league.

Also, it also shows the family members of players and how the environment affected them. Finally, the show focuses on the comeback of CSK in IPL last year after a long wait. They didn’t just come back to the league but also went on to win the title and showcase their presence. Therefore, ‘Roar of the Lion’ is a total package for not only CSK fans but also to cricket fans.

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