Falcon & Winter Solder Disney+ Series - Get Ready to Witness the Frenemies Together in Action

Sam Wilson and James Barnes have been friends for as long as they’ve been enemies.

Sam Wilson and James Barnes have been friends for as long as they’ve been enemies. And now we’ll get to see even more of their drama in Falcon & Winter Soldier. Disney has confirmed that the series is in works and the logo, too, is revealed. Actor Sebastian Stan who plays Winter Soldier aka James Barnes on the big screen in the Marvel movies has also posted a picture of it. Take a look at it here:


The equation that we’ve seen Sergeant Barnes and Sam Wilson share on the big screen was definitely more than entertaining. It was both, annoying and endearing at the same time. They might not have had the complete focus on them in any of the MCU films, but their equation with each other garnered quite a lot of attention. That is one of the many reasons why the announcement of Falcon & Winter Soldier is currently causing waves amongst all the Marvel fans.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes right before and after making snarky comments about one another.

Other than that, seeing them together, albeit on the small screen, would still be great for many other reasons. Mainly because they both have army backgrounds but both served a completely different time and cause. Secondly because we will be able to learn more about their equation with one another. And that would also lead to a better understanding of their characters. And what’s not to love about the overload of sarcasm and snarky remarks when they so much as breathe in the same direction?

Another question that follows the announcement of Falcon & Winter Soldier is as important as the series itself. What about Captain America? It is common knowledge that the only reason those two tolerate each other is because of their close association with Cap. What role does our beloved Captain have in the series, though? Does he even have a role in it? Interestingly enough, both Barnes and Wilson have taken on the mantle of Captain America in the comic book. Does that say something about the future of the MCU?

Other Marvel Series in the Works?

Disney has confirmed the WandaVision series as well. As the name suggests, this series will focus on Wanda and Vision, but their relationship will just be one part of it. When this series will be set is still a question though, seeing as neither of the characters survived Avengers: Infinity War. A series on Loki was also been announced last year itself, with Tom Hiddleston playing Loki. Not many come to our mind when we think of the actors that would do justice to the character of Loki. The series is said to revolve around his past years as Prince Loki.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan play the titular roles of Falcon & Winter Soldier respectively. Although Disney+ is set to launch on November 12, no official announcement has been made for the release date of Falcon & Winter Soldier. Not much else has been revealed about the said series or the others announced. However, Kevin Feige did confirm that all the previously mentioned series will have a close and important connection to the fourth phase of the MCU.


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