What's To Watch Next After Game Of Thrones?

After nine glorious years, the much loved HBO show Game of Thrones has finally ended.

After nine glorious years, the much loved HBO show Game of Thrones has finally ended. The eighth season of the critically acclaimed series left fans and critics divided and wanting for more. Unfortunately, top HBO executives have confirmed that no sequel has been planned for the future. Here is a list of TV shows that will keep you hooked throughout the summer.


Vikings follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a warrior-farmer who rises to power and ultimately becomes the king of Scandinavia. The show focuses on his rise to power, his family and his journey to conquer lands in England and France. The show has a gripping plot and critics have praised its character development too. I felt that the series lost its charm after the third season. Still, it is a must watch for all history lovers out there.

Black Sails

Who hasn’t read the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Treasure Island? The premise of Black Sails is set twenty years prior to the book. It follows the adventures of Captain Flint and how decisions ultimately led to the story of the book. The first season is slow and builds up the plot. However, season two is a delight to watch. Another positive point is that the series finishes in just 38 episodes (4 seasons). Hence, it can be binge-watched in a week.


Another HBO classic, Rome was canceled after two seasons as it was expensive to produce. It is similar to Game Of Thrones in terms of violence and unpredictability. The show follows the ill-famed characters of Julius Caeser, Mark Anthony, and Cleopatra. Rome doesn’t feature many action sequences though and focuses more on character development. The show wasn’t able to get a “Game Of Thrones” fan following due to its short lifespan.


Be it gladiators, wars, violence, and bloodshed, this show has it all. Spartacus, a slave, and former soldier lead an uprising against his cruel Roman masters. Andy Whitefield did a terrific job in the first season but couldn’t continue due to health issues. Spartacus has been criticized for its excessive use of graphic violence though. There are a total of three seasons and one mini-series.

The Tudors

The Tudors is a dramatized version of the reign of Henry VIII. It showcases his rise to power during the Renaissance period and the lives of his many wives. The series has been termed as inaccurate by many historians. It has also been said that many facts have been distorted. Despite this, the series is a worthy watch. Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a terrific job of playing the role of a tormented, callous and power-hungry monarch. The costume and make-up department of the show was also praised.

However, if you don’t want to start something new, the best way is to re-watch Game Of Thrones. Another suggestion would be to simply watch the best episodes over and over. It reminds us why GOT will remain one of the best TV shows ever made.

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