Here's Why the Netflix Marvel Universe Ended So Soon

The online streaming giant Netflix has ended their partnership with Marvel of bringing the beloved Marvel superheroes to life with the announcement of The Punisher and Jessica Jones’ cancellation.

The online streaming giant Netflix has ended their partnership with Marvel of bringing the beloved Marvel superheroes to life with the announcement of The Punisher and Jessica Jones’ cancellation. Although, the latter will still get to air its third and final season. Here comes the end of the Netflix Marvel Universe. With this announcement, these vigilante dramas join the likes of Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil which were also canceled in the past months. The lack of surprise reactions from the side of the content streamers in the case of these two cancellations is largely due to the fact that it had become almost an inevitable thing.

There are many possible reasons that are being speculated as the answer to the end of this innings. Speculators are giving two big takeaways for the folks at Marvel from this transaction. The first and the most popular one is related to the fact that Disney, the parent organization of Marvel Studios, is going to come up with their own streaming service called Disney+. So the end of the above-mentioned characters and storylines at Netflix could mean that they could be the source of new content on this new streaming service. This could also see many of the creators, writers and possibly even actors switching sides over to team Disney. Nobody knows what will be the formula in presenting these characters once again on the digital platform. However, the kind of brains that could be at Disney’s disposal are surely going to play a massive role. The Netflix Marvel Universe has only been around for 4 years, and Disney+ could hold the key to keep these characters around for much longer.

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Although, the introduction of these big characters could take a long time on the Disney+ platform. Also, the brainstorming can prove a lot costlier to the Marvel Studios, keeping in mind the never stopping movie flow of the MCU. Due to these reasons, speculation is also making rounds on social media. It is that these characters could be a part of the next phase of the MCU. This would mean that these characters could show up alongside some of the most successful on-screen Marvel characters. Critics of the world of entertainment consider this as a long shot as most of the next phase has already been planned out by Marvel. But for the fans, this is currently the trending idea possibly just for the excitement it brings. Imagine a character like Daredevil showing up alongside Spiderman to fight bad guys in the streets of New York!

This whole scenario may even just take a whole new direction, far away from any speculation. Marvel Studios have already showcased their knack for crazy and secretive ideas in the past. Whatever be the plans for the future, it is going to be some time before we see any of these characters again. On the Netflix side, people are hailing this as a bold move. Some are even calling it a show of force. The reason for this is that they aren’t holding anything back in terms of these cancellations. To let go of a show such as Daredevil for example, which generated both critical and viewership success, is a big move. This can be seen as an example of how they treat their own brand name. Netflix is not afraid to let go of a big name such as Marvel.

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ne thing is for certain, Netflix did its best at making these characters memorable and even succeeded in making a hit series out of a couple of them. Nobody knows when and where will we see these storylines again. The only thing we as fans can do now, is to sit and wait patiently for the third season in the _Jessica Jone_s and hope that it is a fitting farewell.


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