History of All The Spider-People in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has already hit theatres and has brought along with it a myriad of new Spider-People, who may not be known by our “Non-Comicbook” friends.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has already hit theatres and has brought along with it a myriad of new Spider-People, who may not be known by our “Non-Comicbook” friends. Each one among us might have chosen their own favourites, doesn’t mean that any of them is less interesting than the other. Not only that, they have a long history that everyone might enjoy. Now while each new Spider-Person is introduced with his/her own amusing montage, but not much detail is given about each. So let’s delve into details about our new team of Webslingers. For starters, in the fictional Marvel Comics multiverse, Earth 616 is the name used to identify the primary continuity in which most Marvel Comics titles take place, so is the marvel we know and love. This however, is not to be confused with Earth - 199999 on which Marvel cCnematic Universe is based upon.

**FAIR BIT OF WARNING: We are going deep into spoiler territory. So this is your last chance to avoid major spoilers if by any chance you haven’t seen the movie yet**

Peter B Parker (Earth 616 - “The Marvel Universe”)

Let’s start with our very own Peter Parker or Peter Benjamin Parker. He is the most famous among the bunch, being the subject of various movies and TV shows through the years. He is also the “Washed-up” Spider-man that we see in the movie. Those among us who ever asked the question what the future of “our” beloved Spider-man holds, got all their questions answered. He first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the Silver Age of Comic Books and is part of the Dimension Earth-616. Peter was born in

Peter Parker - The one we Know and love

Queens to Richard and Mary Parker. While Peter was still an infant, his parents were assigned by the CIA to infiltrate a spy ring controlled by the Red Skull. The moment the Red Skull learned that Richard and Mary were double agents, he had them killed. An orphaned Peter went to live with his uncle and aunt, Ben and May Parker, in Forest Hills, New York. Over the next few years, Parker grew to be extremely bright in science and became a high honours student at Midtown High School.

Early in his career, Spider-Man fought many villains including the Tinkerer, Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, Doctor Doom, the Fox, the Lizard, the Living Brain, Electro, the Big Man and his Enforcers, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, and his deadliest foe of all time: The Green Goblin. Several of these villains would form the Sinister Six, under the leadership of Doctor Octopus, many of which have been already seen on the big screen.

Miles Morales (Earth-1610 – “Ultimate Marvel Universe”)

Miles Morales

The first thing one needs to understand is the distinction between the “regular” Marvel Universe, traditionally designated “Earth-616” and the Ultimate Marvel Universe of Miles is a part of. In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610) Miles Morales, a 13-year-old Brooklyn native with a black father and Puerto Rican mother becomes the new Spider-man. Here’s how.

The Prowler (A.K.A. Aaron Davis) broke into Oscorp and stole the Spider-man formula, which was created from Peter Parker’s blood (in this universe Peter Parker has been killed). When the Prowler stole the formula one of the genetically enhanced spiders from the experiments escaped and hid in his duffle bag. His nephew, Miles, went to visit his uncle he was bitten by that spider and given powers similar to what Peter had.

Miles was very reluctant to use his powers and just wanted to be a regular kid. He didn’t want the burden of risking his life for others but he was filled with guilt and remorse as New York witnessed Spider-man’s (Peter Parker) final battle. Spider-man died in a blaze of glory. He took a bullet from the Punisher (accident) and fought off the entire Sinister Six while wounded. He was able to protect Aunt May, Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey in the battle but he paid the ultimate price.

Miles Suit was created by spray-paint

Upon the realization he could’ve jumped in and helped Peter with his new powers, Miles took up the mantle as the new Spider-man. He was also encouraged to do so after getting the blessing from Gwen Stacey. Miles and Gwen spoke and she shared with Miles why Peter used his powers for the good of others, that’s all Miles needed to get going!

Miles eventually found out his uncle is the Prowler and that his father used to be a criminal also. He believed he was destined to be evil also and wanted to hide his powers, something Peter never dealt with. Writer and creator Brian Micahel Bendis made this a personal battle for Miles as he wanted to give him conflicts Peter never had.

The spider that bit his was a different genetically engineered spider than the one that bit Peter. This means he has a couple powers Peter didn’t have: camouflage (which can be used while he’s in his clothing to blend into his surroundings) and a venom sting (which paralyzes who he touches). He has spider sense, superhuman agility and strength and can stick to walls also just like Peter

Peter Parker (Earth-1610 – “Ultimate Marvel Universe” )

The hero whose untimely death made many of us sad and pushed Miles to become a hero, Peter Parker wasn’t very different from the Peter B Parker we know. However, the key difference is that he dies during battle. This being comics, though, means that death is nothing but temporary.

After being revived by OZ, some time after his death, Peter woke up in an abandoned laboratory. He tried to discover where he was but was unable to do so. He returned to New York City and encountered Mary Jane. To investigate whether he was the real Peter Parker or not, they dug up his coffin and found it empty. Because he didn’t want to torture Aunt May and Gwen with his return, Peter planned on leaving the city. He sneaked into Miles Morales apartment to recover his web-shooters, the only thing left which reminded him of his father Richard. However, Miles arrived at the apartment and found Peter. Peter asked for his old web shooters back, which prompted a barrage of questions from Miles. Peter was vague with his answers. While he confirmed that he had died once, he stated that he cannot see his family yet. When Miles persisted with wanting to tell Aunt May the truth, the two got into a fight, with Peter knocking Miles out and retrieving his web shooters. He then fled while Miles was still unconscious.

Following the temporary destruction of the entire universe in The Secret Wars and its eventual restoration, Peter resumed the mantle of Spider-Man.

Spider-Gwen (Earth 14211)

Spider-Gwen with Miles Morales

Gwen Stacy was born in Forest Hills to George and Helen Stacy. Following her mother’s death, she was raised by George alone. Gwen’s free spirit and artistic inclinations often put her at odds with the type of ethics her father worked to instill. As a result of this contrast with her father, Gwen would often retreat into quiet seclusion and play the drums. Over time, she developed a friendship with her neighbor and fellow introvert Peter Parker. At Midtown High School, Gwen developed relationships with other students, a group of girls with whom she formed the band, The Mary Janes, and rebellious affluent student Harry Osborn. After being bitten by a genetically-engineered spider, Gwen was granted arachnid-like super-powers, and started a career as a crimefighter, dubbed by the media as “Spider-Woman.” She was given a costume and a set of Web-Shooters by retired crimefighter Janet van Dyne. Gwen spent most of her early adventures focused on exploiting and maintaining her newfound attention more than helping those in need; however, Gwen’s behavior changed after her father expressed he believed Spider-Woman could easily help people. Spider-Woman’s influence also caused one of the biggest tragedies in Gwen’s life.

The bullied Peter Parker, desperate for becoming special like his idol Spider-Woman, conducted an experiment that turned him into a Lizard-like creature. Parker crashed the Midtown Senior Prom, and Gwen was forced to fight him. In the aftermath of the battle, Peter returned to his human form, but died due to his injuries. With no evidence or link to his transformation, Spider-Woman was blamed by the media for Peter’s death and branded a criminal. In an effort to clear her name and haunted by Peter’s death, Gwen doubled her efforts to fight crime. Additionally, Gwen’s father George was tasked with conducting the NYPD investigation to capture Spider-Woman. This drew the attention of Matt Murdock - a corrupt lawyer, leader of the Hand ninja, and the right hand and successor to New York’s Kingpin of crime - who sent hitman Aleksei Sytsevich to kill George in an attempt to make an ally of Spider-Woman. After thwarting the murder attempt, Gwen found herself held at gunpoint by her father, and she was forced to reveal her double identity. She pleaded her innocence and swore to never rest until criminals like the Kingpin were stopped. Captain Stacy chose his daughter over his duty and let Spider-Woman free.

Peni Parker (Earth 14512 – “Future Earth”)

Peni Parker & SP//dr Suit

Now let’s get to cute and “Anime-esque” Peni Parker. When she was nine, her father died piloting the SP//dr suit. She was informed by her uncle Ben and aunt May that she was the only person able to carry on the project, and accepted the responsibility, allowing the radioactive spider that formed the other half of SP//dr’s CPU to bite her. Five years later, Peni came into conflict with a super-villain called Mysterio, who was piloting an enormous orb and infecting the people of New York with hallucinogenic gas. Despite getting dosed, Peni was able to subdue Mysterio. Pulled out of class by Daredevil, Peni was informed that Mysterio was cooperating and had exposed an illegal biological enhancement ring. After helping Daredevil subdue the gang, Peni decided to take the subway home, where she was confronted by Peter Porker and Ezekiel Sims, who informed her that the Spider-Totems were being hunted and killed. Deciding to trust them, Peni retrieved her armor before setting off alongside them.

spider-man-peni-anime-1136847-1280x0.jpg (955×537)

Peni as seen in the Movie

After the events of Spider-Verse, Peni was approached by Addy Brock in class asked if she was the pilot SP//dr. She avoided answering, walked away, and then they both had an argument about why Addy asked. When Peni arrived at home, she overheard Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s discussion of the Sym Engine and questioned them about it. Frustrated by their vagueness, she angrily went to her room. When Peni and Aunt May were working on modifications to SP//dr, Peni saw Addy walk past the door and decided to follow her and discovered the VEN#m suit. She observed Uncle Ben talking with Addy and finds out she is the pilot. An alert went off that M.O.R.B.I.U.S. was sucking New York of its power and SP//dr was deployed. Peni refused help in her fight against M.O.R.B.I.U.S. and was overpowered and VEN#m was deployed, but Addy lost control while fighting M.O.R.B.I.U.S. Aunt May went to Addy to prevent the Sym Engine within VEN#m from exploding, but both are assimilated into the suit. Uncle Ben then rerouted power in SP//dr to allow Peni to fight and she then defeats VEN#m, only to find both Addy and Aunt May missing. Afterwards, Peni and Uncle Ben had a talk about the incident as well as her father, until they were interrupted by Peter Porker, who recruited her once again.

Spider-Man Noir (Earth 90214 – “Marvel Noir”)

Probably the most “Hard-Boiled” of the bunch, this universe’s Peter Parker was raised by his paternal aunt and uncle, May and Ben Parker, during the Great Depression. Peter was raised with the belief of good triumphing over evil and was supportive of his aunt and uncle’s activism. Peter tragically discovered the mutilated body of his uncle Ben, killed in retaliation by one of New York City’s businessmen for organizing a strike on sweatshops. The murder of his uncle by the Goblin drove Peter’s resolve to continue to seek justice. While helping May at a rally in a Hooverville, they encountered a violent response from the Enforcers. Fortunately, the two were saved by Ben Urich. Subsequently, Peter became Urich’s protege for the Daily Bugle and explored the dire situation of New York City’s denizens, especially those under the threat of the Goblin. After Peter mistakenly received a tip-off meant for Urich, he ventured to a warehouse where the Goblin’s men were unloading a shipment of stolen antiques.

Spider-Man Noir Vol - 1

A particular antique – a spider statue – breaks open and releases a horde of spiders. One of the spiders bit Peter, causing him to pass out and dream of a spider god. After waking up, Peter discovered he possessed arachnid superpowers. Donning a mask, Peter confronted Norman Osborn in his home in order to get him to give up his hold over the city. However, Peter was shocked to discover Urich, who was revealed to have been blackmailing Osborn with his information on the mob boss in exchange for fueling his drug habit. Angered, Peter left Urich. Upon returning home, Peter created a costume based on his uncle’s World War I-era airman uniform and became the vigilante, Spider-Man.

Peter later returned to Urich’s apartment to force him to help him to bring down the Goblin, only to find the reporter dead. Strengthened with resolve from his aunt and Urich’s lover Felicia Hardy, Peter thwarted the Goblin’s criminal operations. As the Bugle labeled him negatively in the papers, Spider-Man arrived at the Bugle building to meet Jonah Jameson over this matter, only to find Jameson shot to death. Later on, Peter learned that Jameson was replaced by the Chameleon and the real Jameson was imprisoned by Osborn. This lead Peter to Jameson’s location, where he killed the Vulture, who was responsible for killing Ben Parker, to stop him from murdering May Parker.

Despite saving his aunt, May criticized him for killing the Vulture, as he could have stopped him with his powers. She told Peter that killing people would make him less of what makes him human. Spider-Man later tracked down the Goblin’s “torture house” and found the mob boss and his Enforcers holding Felicia and Jameson captive. He discovered that the Goblin had planned on murdering Urich, finding the reporter’s information on the Goblin, which was kept by Felicia, and then eliminating every witness. He also discovered that Felicia was responsible for killing the Chameleon after she saw him, disguised as Jameson, murdering Urich. Spider-Man intervened, subdued the Enforcers and rescued Jameson. Spider-Man chased the Goblin, who held Felicia hostage, and cornered him. Peter had the chance to kill Osborn, but decided not to. The mob boss was then killed by spider-infested Sergei Kravinoff.

Peter Porker (Earth 8311 – “Larval Earth”)

Peter Porker is probably our favorite Peter of the bunch. However, he was not always a pig. Peter Porker was born a spider (simply named Peter). Residing in the basement lab of May Porker, a slightly goofy animal scientist who had created “the world’s first atomic powered hairdryer,” hoping that “the introduction of nuclear fission into America’s beauty salons” would “revolutionize the hair care industry”. After dousing her head with water and activating the dryer, May Porker accidentally irradiated herself, and in a fit of delusion, bit Peter, who then found himself transformed into an anthropomorphic swine much like May Porker herself. Running from the Porker homestead disoriented, Peter soon came to realize that he still retained a spider’s abilities.

After this startling series of events, Peter (who adopted the surname “Porker”, that of his benefactor May Porker, who after the accident reverted mentally to a state in which she believed she was Peter’s loving aunt) dedicated himself and his new-found abilities to fighting injustice as the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

Spider-Man 2099 (Earth 928)

Responsible for the best End – Credit scene in any superhero movie, and also wackiest Spider-Suit of the bunch, we are introduced (though quite briefly) to Spider-Man 2099 during his confrontation with Spider-man from Earth - 67. Miguel O’Hara worked as the head of the genetics department for the Alchemax Corporation, specializing in genetic coding and splicing.

The year is 2099, thus giving him his name. He toyed with the idea of recreating the powers of the original Spider-Man from years ago. Miguel’s boss, Tyler Stone, secretly got him addicted to the drug Rapture. This highly addictive drug couldn’t be worked out of the body. It was Stone’s way of controlling his employees by offering them the expensive drug in return for their loyalty. Miguel decided to try to genetically cure himself by rewriting his genetic code from a sample he had taken previously. He was being watched by a competitive co-worker Aaron Delgato who attempted to sabotage his experiment by adding a random code into the process. The results cured Miguel but also gave him spider-like powers. Aaron tried to shoot him but he fell from the Alchemax building despite Miguel trying to save him. Soon Tyler sent out a cyborg bounty hunter named Venture to capture him. Miguel fled to his home to escape Venture. Grabbing a costume from a Day of the Dead celebration he fought Venture and won. Miguel began fighting crime and the evil corporation Alchemax as Spider-Man.

Now let us take a look at some Spider-People who would make a good addition to the Spiderverse sequels of the Future. They may be just in pages of the comic books for now, but they would make welcome addition to our favorite ensemble of Spider-People. Let us start with Spider-Man from our very own country.

Spider-Man India (Earth - 50101)

Pavitr Prabhakar - the only Spider-man sporting a dhoti

Sporting a dhoti, Pavitr Prabhakar, a poor Indian boy, lived in a village, but moves to Mumbai with his aunt Maya and uncle Bhim to study after getting half a scholarship. His parents died some years ago. Other boys at the school tease him and beat him. He knows his uncle Bhim is struggling to support him and his aunt Maya and pay the school. Only Meera Jain, a girl from school, befriends him. Meanwhile, Nalin Oberoi, a local crime lord, uses an amulet to perform an ancient ritual, where he gets possessed by a demon committed to opening the gate for other demons to get back to Earth. While being chased by other kids, Pavitr encounters an ancient yogi who gives him the power of a spider, to fight the evil that threatens the world. While discovering his powers, Pavitr refuses to help a woman being attacked by several men. He leaves the place, but comes back when he hears his uncle’s cry, who was stabbed when he tried to help the woman. Thus, Paviitr understands that with “great power comes great responsibility”.

Next, Nalin Oberoi becomes human again, transforms his doctor into Doctor Octopus (without the usual mechanical arms, he has demon arms that look’s similar to his mechanical arms), and sends him to kill Spider-Man, as instructed by the demon voices. Doc Ock fails, and Spider-Man makes it to the newspapers, where he is deemed a threat.

Oberoi kidnaps Pavitr’s aunt, taking her to a refinery outside Mumbai. There he betrays Doctor Octopus, blasting him away with a ray. Spider-Man arrives and fights Oberoi, who has also kidnapped Meera. He lets both aunt Maya and Meera fall. Spider-Man dives for his aunt, but then fails to rescue Meera, who is saved by Doctor Octopus, that is just coming back to exact revenge on Oberoi. Pavitr reveals his identity to Meera and asks her to take his aunt away.

Oberoi gets rid of Doctor Octopus for good, and touches Spider-Man with the amulet. A Venom-like creature tries to take Spider-Man to the dark side, but he remembers his uncle and rejects the evil. By doing so, the link between the demons and Oberoi is shattered, and he becomes human again. Everything goes back to normal, Spider-Man gets the girl, and celebrates the Diwali, with his aunt.

Ghost Spider (Earth - 11638)

In this reality Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben never died, and helped Peter to train as a hero with his new spider powers, becoming the Amazing Spider, a famous and popular super hero who also became a rich and successful scientist, having his own company called “Parker Technologies”.

With his resources and with the motivation of Ben, the Amazing Spider used transportation technology to bring Spider-Men from other universes and absorb their powers to increase his. After bringing the Spider-Man of Earth-616 and making him believe he arrived to this universe by accident, the Amazing Spider was weakened by the feedback of the dimensional portal. Spider-Man brought him to his lair, the Web, under his mansion, and supplanted him while he recovered from his condition, realizing that this universe was a “perfect” version of his. After visiting Parker Technologies, Peter realized the Amazing Spider already knew about him and that the Ben Parker of this universe was alive, and decided to visit him, who knew his story because he was an ally of the Amazing Spider, both talked about the differences of this reality and their lives until Ben gave Peter a tea with a sedative.

Peter woke up in the Web, where he was attached to a machine which would absorb his powers and give them to an already recovered Amazing Spider. The Amazing Spider revealed that he and Ben brought different Peter Parkers from other realities in order to grow in power to defend his universe; when Spider-Man questioned him, both started fighting, and finally the Spider was convinced that what he did was not heroic. When Ben was about to plug a distracted Spider-Man into the machine, the Spider stood in the middle and had his powers absorbed by the machine, apparently killing him.[1] It was revealed that he was put in a coma, but his spirit was trapped in Hell where he felt he deserved his punishment.

When Dr. Banner, the Sorcerer Supreme, died fighting his evil alter-ego, the Infernal Hulk, he stayed alive in his astral form and freed Parker, infusing him with the spirits and powers of the repentant damned, giving him a second chance to live. He woke up from the coma and discovered he became the Ghost Spider. Finally, he returned to Parker Technologies where he finished the inter-dimensional translocator in order to return Spider-Man, Deadpool and Hulk to their universe.

Scarlett Spider (Earth 616 - “The Marvel Universe” )

Ben Reilly was the most genetically stable of the many clones of Spider-Man created by Professor Miles Warren, the Jackal. Warren created clones of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy from tissue samples he had obtained from a class experiment. After many failed attempts, most notably Kaine, Warren succeeded in creating a clone that did not suffer cellular degeneration.

The Jackal pitted this clone against Spider-Man in a deathtrap involving a bomb and Ned Leeds. The Jackal on scene, a clone of Warren, repented and saved Ned, dying as a result. With both Spider-Man and Spider-Man’s clone unconscious, the real Jackal emerged, found who he thought was the real Spider-Man, and injected him with a drug to simulate death. The other Spider-Man awoke and dropped the “dead” body in a smokestack, where the Jackal implanted it with clone memories. However, his assistant, Seward Trainer, himself coerced by the Green Goblin, had deceived the Jackal. The Spider-Man the Jackal recovered was the clone after all. The clone spent five years wandering the country. During this time he met Janine Godbe, the love of his life. Janine, as a child, had been horribly abused by her father. She could bear it no longer, and she killed her father. She then met Ben Reilly. Their love was short-lived, as Janine apparently died.

Reviving and returning home, the clone discovered the other Peter already there. Now believing himself the imposter, the clone named himself after “Uncle” Ben and “Aunt” May Parker (née Reilly) and spent the next five years wandering, eventually developing new weapons for his occasional confrontations with Kaine and other criminals. He also met and was befriended by Seward Trainer. Ben anonymously called to check up on Aunt May occasionally, but did not return to New York until he heard that she had been hospitalized.

Upon his return to New York, Ben saved a young girl’s life as well as stopped a burglar at a small corner shop. He learned that Venom was back, and decided that he could not stand by without doing something. He adopted a new all red costume with a blue sleeveless hooded sweatshirt and was dubbed the Scarlet Spider. His return later triggered the release from stasis of the Jackal, who raised the possibility that Peter, not Ben, was the clone. When Seward Trainer, following up his earlier deception of the Jackal, announced that Ben was indeed the original Spider-Man, Ben assured Peter he had no intention of taking back his life. Together, Peter and Ben stopped the Jackal’s plan to unleash the Carrion virus on the world.

Originally distrustful of each other, the two Spider-Men developed an uneasy alliance that slowly grew to strong friendship. They introduced each other as cousins and considered themselves brothers. As Peter considered the impending responsibility of fatherhood, he relinquished the title of Spider-Man to Ben. But Ben created his own life, bleaching his hair and working at a coffee shop. As Spider-Man, Ben slightly modified the classic costume. For a period of time, Ben was taken over by the Carnage symbiote and became Spider-Carnage, however the symbiote eventually returned to Cletus Kassady.

The degenerating clone known as Kaine always hated Ben Reilly, believing that Ben was the original. After a series of brutal battles, Kaine gave up and surrendered to the police after being saved by Reilly. During these battles, Janine returned after having faked her own death. During these same battles, Janine apparently died again, when in reality, she had been kidnapped by Kaine. After being rescued by Ben, she stopped running and gave herself up to the police.

Believing to the end that he was the real Spider-Man, Ben was killed by the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), sacrificing his life to save Peter from the impaling spike of the Goblin’s glider. Ben’s body degenerated into dust immediately after his death, proving that he was the clone after all, and not Peter Parker. However, this death is not consistent with clone degeneration, nor Ben’s status as the one perfect clone.

Earth X Spider-man (Earth - 11638)

The life of Peter Parker of Earth-9997 deviates from that of his Earth-616 counterpart in a number of places that occur prior to the major events of Earth-9997. Most notably, he and Mary Jane Watson-Parker’s child, May, survived and has been under their care. Additionally, Peter Parker of Earth-9997 is widowed, as Mary Jane Watson-Parker died of cancer before the mutation of Earth’s population.

Further, at some, as yet unrevealed circumstance, Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man was revealed. During this time, the Daily Bugle went out of business because it became a laughing stock of the newspaper industry for having “the greatest menace” ever on the company payroll. It is unknown what Peter has been doing since the Bugle went out of business, however it is assumed he may still have held a job in photography as in later instances he was seen photographing the battle between Venom and Iron Maiden.

His relationship with his now adult daughter May, has been strained due to the fact that May became the target of the alien symbiote that once was worn by Peter, and Eddie Brock. Although when the symbiote bonded to May’s body her spider-sense somehow allowed her to take control over the symbiote, however Peter never truly believed that his daughter was in control until much later. It wasn’t until much later when his daughter, now calling herself Venom, was put under the control of the Skull did Peter feel the urge to get involved in heroics once again. Stealing a cheap Spider-Man costume from a costume shop, Peter rescued Captain America after his first unsuccessful attack on the Skull.

Peter was later caught up in a “domestic dispute” between the inhabitants of the Negative Zone, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Red Wing and a number of X-51’s Heralds at the Baxter Building. The battle was broken up by Reed Richards who called all gathered to aid in his quest to stop Mar-Vell. Peter’s current whereabouts are currently unknown, but it is presumed that he continues to defend New York of Earth-9997 as one of its finest.


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