The Flash Actor Ezra Miller Teams Up With Grant Morison For New Script

While there is enough feeds for the Marvel fans this weekend, DC fans are not to sit in the corner.

While there is enough feeds for the Marvel fans this weekend, DC fans are not to sit in the corner. After impressive delivery by Ezra Miller in Justice League, the actor is now reported to join hands with Grant Morrison(All-star superman)to pen the script of the much awaited movie The Flash.

Warner Bros. long announced the standalone movie starring Ezra Miller-The Flash. But the script has been since amidst debates between the directors. The point of difference circled mostly with the creative stances on the script. In October 2015, Seth Grahame Smith was announced to make his directional debut on the DCEU movie but soon dropped out due to similar differences. Quite a long silence with hit and trials stayed over the screenplay. Finally, a bit of hope peeped through when Spider-Man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein took over as the directors.

The Flash | DCEU

Daley and Francis whose backgrounds are very much specialized in comedy as evident in Spider-Man: Homecoming (a biggie again) were going down a lighter route on the character of Barry Allen as established in Justice League too. But creative difference struck again when the lead actor of The Flash wanted to go for a darker take on the script.

Miller is now reported to finally take the cracking of the script on his shoulders and reached out to Morrison. Warner Bros. formally hired both, who are now required to submit their version of the script as soon as the next week.

Ezra Miller The Flash

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Justice League

Miller has promised the DCEU “will inevitably be torn asunder by his solo movie”. We definitely wait to see that. Not that Millerr isn’t capable of going very, very dark… but the consequences to this step will be crucial in deciding how we see Barry Allen in future.

The lighter approach to the script will probably revolve around the teenage timeline. We can probably see an extension of the storyline as seen in Justice League. The darker version can be pictured in an adult timeline with more back story to offer. Also, if the parallels are drawn to the comic-book version of Flashpoint, the script can roll over to many zones of the story of Flash.

The proceeding can, however, cost Miller his role too. His holding deal with Warner Bros. expires in May. The version of the script can also decide which face we will see for Flash. Although we are pretty impressed with Miller, in case WB decides to not move with his script, we may have to settle with a new face for Flash.

The ramification can also result in a delay in the film’s production. As it seems, ages have already passed waiting. More delay can be just bad news for the fans. The production is rumored to start from November. But Miller being in or out can be significant in deciding the fate of the movie.
For now, lets just hope we get a Flash stand-alone film fast.

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