Black Mirror Season 5 Review: Losing its Charm?

Black Mirror was one of the many shows which earned Netflix the recognition it has today.

Black Mirror was one of the many shows which earned Netflix the recognition it has today. It introduced us to a dark and dystopian world of modern technology. I had never seen anything like it before. The subsequent seasons were equally thrilling and engaging. The show thus became one of the best anthology series of all time. Here is an episode-wise review of Black Mirror season 5.

Striking Vipers

black mirror season 5

This episode was average at best. I felt that the execution of the idea was bad. The summary reads:

“Two estranged college friends reunite in later life, triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever. "

The episode had no suspense and the ending was unsatisfactory. But Striking Vipers stuck to what Black Mirror does best- making us uncomfortable about technology. The “friendship” of the two leads has a negative impact on their lives. Anthony Mackie did a good job of playing the role of a confused and frustrated family man. The episode was successful in questioning fidelity, happiness, resentment, and masculinity.


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Smithereens was the best of the three episodes. It is probably because we can relate to the excessive use of social media by us. An unstable cab driver holds an intern hostage until his demand for talking to the CEO of that company is met. Smithereens kept me hooked up till the end. A lot of viewers may find the plot gripping but predictable. Andrew Scott, best known for his work in Sherlock plays the role of the cab driver who must face his dreaded past. He has done a fantastic job.

The episode is a must watch despite its highs and lows. It also delivers an important message for today’s world, especially when social media has become such an integral part of our lives.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Black Mirror

A lonely teen befriends the consciousness of her favorite pop star in a doll. The final episode was a disappointment making season 5 the weakest Black Mirror season till date. While this episode was able to provide an insight into the dark world of pop stars, it was too cringy to watch. It felt like a cheesy movie with a sub-par plot. The technological concept used in this episode has been done many times in the series before.

The final episode was too “out of place” for a show like Black Mirror. It is one of the weakest episodes of the series. Miley Cyrus was able to pull off the role of a sad and rebellious singing star which is no surprise.

It seems that writer Charlie Brooker is running out of ideas for this acclaimed show. This season consisted of only three episodes, hence fans had high expectations which eventually died down. Black Mirror’s legacy is in trouble. Let us wait for the next season to see if it redeems itself.

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